Let’s be honest here.  With the first whiff of crisp, fall air and the newest Pumpkin

Spice Mochaccino Iced Latte, we start heading toward the big comfy chair we call:  THE HOLIDAY SEASON.  You know, the one that reels you in and slyly says: “Now here’s the remote, settle in and push that PAUSE button, woman!  It’s time to put everything on hold and start our annual Holiday Palooza!”

Halloween kicks off the season.  Creative pumpkin carvings, trend-driven costumes and scary movies that make us sleep with the light on.  Thanksgiving sneaks up quickly, begging for yummy new recipes, travel plans to be arranged and scary in-laws that make us sleep with the light on. But wait, there’s more! Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa each with their own traditions and festivities will soon engulf us until we practically don’t recognize ourselves, and then the ball drops.

Literally.  THE.  BALL. DROPS. That darn glittery New Year’s Eve Ball lands smack dab on our big comfy chair’s ejector button with a farewell message saying: “Sorry, but that’s how the Pumpkin Spice Cookie crumbles.  Back on the saddle sister, you have a real YOU to tend to!”

No biggie we think, right?  It’s only been 62 days (or possibly 87).  But somewhere between handing out tiny bags of candy corn and chilling champagne to welcome in the New Year, we have forgotten to take care of ourselves!  We’ve hit PAUSE on our goals, passions, and self-care and BAM, 2019 just swooped in!

Don’t Hit Pause.

For the next ten weeks, we’re going to do this holiday thing together because there’s strength in numbers, positive accountability, and shared inspiration!   “Don’t Hit Pause!”  begins TODAY so tune in on the GoalFriends’ Facebook pages AND Instagram for the focus of the week.

Our GoalFriends tribe is going to have a transformative, nurturing, amazing holiday season together.  We are going to help each other use these last 60 daysto reflect, refresh and recharge!  So, step away from the remote and grab a Pumpkin Spice Smoothie.   Your “2019-You” is already saying “thanks!”

Week One.

Start the habit of drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day!  Yes, this is straight from author Rachel Hollis (Girl, Wash Your Face)and see how well she’s done!  Easy-peasy right?  This habit has a goal.zillion mental and physical benefits.

Let’s go ahead and do the math now because let’s face it, no one likes math. I weigh 140 pound so I need to goal.zzle (sorry) 70oz per day.  If there are 8 ounces in a cup and my favorite beverage vessel holds three cups or 24 ounces (or 1 bottle of wine, in case you were wondering), I’ll refill that baby three times for 72 ounces of non-pumpkin spice H2O.  Fingers crossed, with all those trips to the bathroom, my reflection will become more refreshed, recharged and ready to get up and goal for it.  Cheers!


Robin Bailey, GoalFriend since 2017

myTribe CEO