If your “WHY?” is not strong enough, you are less likely to persevere.

Every goal you set, with conviction, has to have a strong “WHY?” in order for you to persevere and achieve it. Your goal needs to have compelling reason or “WHY?” to emotionally influence you – to connect your drive and your passion.

For example:

You are struggling to lose 20 pounds and just can’t seem to get motivated to take any action. Nothing is working.

You receive an offer from your partner of $1000 CASH to lose the weight in 6 weeks. Sounds great in theory as an incentive, but you make over $100,000 a year…so $1000 really won’t change your life at all. $1000 CASH is not that compelling to you.

Now…Let’s look at an extreme case just as an example of a strong “WHY?”.

Imagine that someone is holding your children (or pet) ransom and you can’t get them back until you lost 20 pound? Chances are that you would lose 30 pounds! There is real compelling “WHY?” attached to the goal to motivate you to take action and persevere!!

Topic: Define your “WHY?” for the #1 goal that will make the biggest impact in your life.

Use these questions to help define your answer:

  1. What is your compelling reason to take action and persevere?
  2. How will your life change if you achieve this one goal?
  3. How will it make you feel?
  4. What one thing can you identify that would really launch you to take action immediately?
  5. How will the achievement of that goal influence your other goals?