What do you want out of life? What is it that makes you happy? Are you happy with your life the way it is now or do you dream of being in a better place?  Continue reading to learn how achieving goals will shape your life!

While there may be some aspects of your life where you are happy and content, there are probably other aspects that you would like to improve. Maybe you want to own your own home, become a professional sportsperson or study for a degree. The question is how passionate are you about making changes in those areas and what are you prepared to do in achieving goals?

For example you may love your job but you often work back late and that eats into your quality time with your family. You have the choice of staying in that job indefinitely for financial security or you could find ways to enable you to get home earlier or look for other jobs that have more family friendly hours. There is always a choice and another solution; however you need to be prepared to make changes and to set clear plans to achieve your goals. It comes down to what is most important to you.

So what exactly do you need to do to master achieving goals?

Firstly you need to have a very clear idea of what your goal or goals are. They must be very specific and achievable such as “I want to complete my diploma in the next 3 years”. You also need to know why you want to achieve it. What will the outcomes be? Visualizing the outcome and believing that you can achieve it is a very powerful way to maintain motivation.

Benefits could include gaining more opportunities or public recognition or they could be more personal such as gaining a sense of pride, ownership or achievement.

Then create a pathway to get to your desired destination. Have a time frame to work with and break the task up into smaller sections. The key is to make each section achievable so you can progress to the next stage.

Finally you must be prepared to actually do whatever it takes to get there. What are you willing to give in order to gain? This could be money, time, energy, quitting a habit such as smoking or making other lifestyle changes. When the positive benefits of actually achieving goals outweigh the negative aspects of getting there then you will most certainly be happier in the end. So step out of your comfort zone and go for it!