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Achieve Your Goals for a Happier Life

I set a series of goals for myself for this morning. It involved cleaning up last night’s mess in the kitchen, going grocery shopping, and preparing dinner for myself and my significant other when she got home. These were simple, pre-planned goals that I set out to achieve in a specific order with a specific end in mind. In order to achieve this goal, it required very little distress or effort outside of the house.

A simple trip to the grocer in the morning and I was on my way. As I write this, the goals have been met and the day feels like it was a success. I have a sense of accomplishment and happiness about achieving these small goals for the day.

These, of course, are not the only goals I have in life. They range in size severity that ranges from the day, week, year, and lifetime. Most people would agree that our main purpose in life or driving factor is happiness. One of the ways to attain this happiness is to achieve your goals. Everyone has achieved some small goal over the course of their lifetime, no matter how big or small. It may not always turn out how it was originally planned, but achieving your goals is often accompanied by a deep sense of satisfaction.

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It feels good to accomplish something we, others, or society has set out for us to achieve. There is a sense of completion and relief along with pride that you were able to complete this task. Along our journey we may encounter loss, struggles, and pain – but the end result of completion can be so powerful that it dissolves these hardships into faded memories.

The lasting effect is the sense of happiness from achieving your goals. Everyone goes about their aspirations in different ways and each goal requires a different level of focus, effort, and hardship. Once it comes to completion, there is still the same sense of relief and happiness at completing something you’ve set out for yourself. You feel competent and proud that you were able to do what you set out to do, regardless of whether it was as simple as getting out of bed or earning a college degree.

The deepest sense of satisfaction and happiness you can experience is by achieving your goals that you yourself set for yourself. You gave yourself something to complete, attain, or earn and when you make it through the arduous journey and accomplish what you’ve set out to, there is a deep feeling of satisfaction, self-worth, and happiness that is attained by doing exactly what you’d set out to complete.

What will you accomplish today?

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