Having goals is the fundamental key to success, and setting goals help us grow and expand, pushing ourselves to transform in ways that, just maybe, we never imagined. I’m willing to bet if you’re reading this page you’ve set a goal or two in your life, but are you setting goals effectively? Will your goals transform your life in the ways you want?

I began asking myself similar questions recently. What do I want? Where will it take me?  How do I get there? I was great at making lists, writing out my short and long terms goals and what exactly I wanted for my future. My downfall was that after those lists were made, they were put aside and forgotten. I had zero accountability. I knew what I wanted for myself but didn’t feel like I had the means to get there.

Enter GoalFriends…

 After starting my own blog and seeing the success that has come from it, I began speaking things into existence every day, and they started happening!  I started believing in my goals and more importantly believing in myself, and this is when I was introduced to GoalFriends.

GoalFriends came at the perfect time in my life.  I joined the GoalFriends community because I believe that women should have a place where they have the opportunity to learn and grow from one another – safe place to express their dreams, connect with others, and B.R.A.G about themselves. It is an amazing community of women who are just passionate, like-minded women eager to connect, inspire, and empower one another.

I attended my first GoalFriends event recently where I met a bunch of beautiful, talented, and courageous women looking to start a new chapter in their life. I met women from all walks of life with different goals in mind, but the one thing we shared was the idea that we wanted to create a better life for ourselves.

I was humbled by stories shared and the wonderful impact GoalFriends had on these women. The sheer power and emotion I felt in the room as women shared their journey with GoalFriends and how it changed their lives, left me feeling more inspired, and more encouraged than ever before. I look forward to continuing my adventure with GoalFriends over this next year and seeing what my peers and I can achieve!

One last thing…

Don’t just talk about your goals, but be about them. When joining a strong community of women like GoalFriends you will be met with an outstanding amount of love and support from women just like you. Don’t be afraid to conquer your dreams and live the life you’ve always wanted.


Amanda DeFlavio