“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.”  

“No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helps you.”

These quotes from American Track and Field Athlete Wilma Rudolph perfectly capture the foundation of the GoalFriends movement.

Let’s talk about greatness.  Your greatness.  To be great is the embodiment of high qualities, achieving a distinction, having talent, high skill, exceptional proficiency, expertise, and my favorite, creating significance.

Greatness comes in so many forms: writing a book, raising a child, creating a useful product, teaching in our community, inspiring others, being a rock for your family, protecting our country, etc. The blessings that await women who embrace their dreams and their greatness is a profound gift not only to themselves but to the world around them. Women must become comfortable stepping into their greatness and face the greatness that is still stirring within them. Within each of us there are more dreams waiting to become reality. It is time for more women to trust that inner voice whispering to dream bigger, to tackle a goal, to climb that mountain, to check off more on a bucket list, or to make that total career change. Women live their full potential only when they honor their dreams and goals. This is your time. GoalFriends is the perfect setting to accomplish this.

The Sisterhood of GoalFriends.

The mission of GoalFriends is to help women achieve. This carefully and brilliantly designed program breathes life into dreams! Imagine entering a vast network of women who see the great potential within every woman and who cannot wait to see what your future holds. Yes, this is truly what GoalFriends represents. It is a program to honor what our highest power calls each woman to accomplish. This is a tight sisterhood of women of good cheer who are honored companions along your life’s journey.

The ideal candidate is a woman who wants more out of her life, firmly believes in personal development, the power of positivity, values the insights of women from all walks of life and who respects confidentiality.  In nine months, I have had the honor of witnessing women achieve their goals of generating more wealth, vastly improving their health, significantly ramping up productivity in their personal and professional lives, landing their dream jobs, getting into a groove of healthy habits, checking off more on their bucket list, and others gain incredible peace in their lives. This is profound indeed!

How has this been achieved? GoalFriends are encouraged to regularly take time to reflect on the monthly lessons, complete the exercises and attend monthly meetings and special events. The thought-provoking and strategic exercises awaken ideas and provide clarity on goals. This framework guides awareness and your ability to embrace who you are meant to be.

In the monthly meetings, we experience real growth. We witness illuminating revelations about ourselves and often are reintroduced to dreams we really want. We speak our authentic truth to be our most genuine selves on our personal and professional journey. We rejoice for one another. Women become fully awake. We lift one another. We linger in a state of awareness, appreciation and belief that anything can be achieved. We bask in grace and love. Our lives are directed to a stream of thanksgiving and wholeness. We cultivate the habits to produce more opportunities and more peace in whatever journey we chose. We live a life undaunted to seek our dreams and goals.

As the National Day of Service, September 11th, fast approaches, take the time to ask yourself the following questions so that you can honor what is calling you:

  • Have I been longing for whole-hearted living, a wider realm of purpose?
  • How can I best serve the priorities and/or goals within my heart? What dream is bursting to come to fruition?
  • What community cause have I longed to be a part of?
  • What mission within me sits ready to change lives in our world?
  • What could I achieve if I knew I could not fail?

Let us have faith to believe that great things are possible. Within GoalFriends, hope finds its strength. It is a privilege to be and to serve my fellow sisters as a GoalFriend.

Time is ticking away. Are you ready to step into and become comfortable with your greatness?  The time is now for GoalFriends, and this is your time.


Kathleen Volandt

Founder/CEO Auroros Inc., Goalfriend since 2017