A Global Vision by an Original GoalFriend

Life is full of divine appointments. Sometimes our goals aren’t specific, but more about striving to make our life matter.  I recently experienced this first-hand. I have had the honor of being in the first-ever GoalFriends group which started eight years ago!  ...

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Why I Joined GoalFriends

Having goals is the fundamental key to success, and setting goals help us grow and expand, pushing ourselves to transform in ways that, just maybe, we never imagined. I'm willing to bet if you’re reading this page you’ve set a goal or two in your life, but are you...

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How I Spent My Summer Goalcation!

It is mid-August and I am doing what most mothers of school-aged children around the country are doing right now: reflecting on how we spent our summer vacation. I own two of my own businesses and I am blessed to be able to manage my schedule, so I like to leave our...

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Dream Work Makes the Team Work

I was reminded at my most recent GoalFriends meeting how “dream work makes the team work.”  The brilliance in my GoalFriends is amazing, or in GoalFriends language, goal-mazing!  It’s not as if I needed reminding, but I missed my last GoalFriends meeting because I was...

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Success In Life

The concept of successful and unsuccessful people is simply a myth. Rather we can state that some people are aware of their ability to succeed and they work towards making things possible, while others having the same ability fail to follow the path in the right...

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Achieve Your Goals for a Happier Life

I set a series of goals for myself for this morning. It involved cleaning up last night’s mess in the kitchen, going grocery shopping, and preparing dinner for myself and my significant other when she got home. These were simple, pre-planned goals that I set out to...

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How to Achieve Your Goals

When you set goals for yourself you will want to do everything in your power to achieve your goals. There are many ways that you can achieve your goals but there are a few sure fire ways that will allow your goals to get accomplished in no time at all. The first step...

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How Achieving Goals Will Shape Your Life

What do you want out of life? What is it that makes you happy? Are you happy with your life the way it is now or do you dream of being in a better place?  Continue reading to learn how achieving goals will shape your life! While there may be some aspects of your life...

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Goal Setting Quotes for Success

Wisdom comes from unexpected places, and the lessons learned through a lifetime of hard knocks are often more valuable than those learned in any classroom. The quotes on goal setting below reveal some clutch lessons in determination from some unexpected sources. "What...

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How People Achieve Goals

We all have goals in life. For some it is to win the lottery or live on an island. For others it could be to get out of debt or plan a holiday. Why is it that some people seem to reach their goals effortlessly while others work hard but never get anywhere? Although it...

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What’s The Best Advice You Have Ever Been Given?

Here’s what our St. Louis Goal Friends had to say. The July meeting questions was “What is the best advice you have ever received”? Best Advice I’ve Ever Received St. Louis Goal Friends 7-20 “Embrace your birthday” “The true definition of insanity is doing the same...

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