DON’T HIT PAUSE: Reflect, Refresh, Recharge!

Let’s be honest here.  With the first whiff of crisp, fall air and the newest Pumpkin Spice Mochaccino Iced Latte, we start heading toward the big comfy chair we call:  THE HOLIDAY SEASON.  You know, the one that reels you in and slyly says: “Now here’s the remote,...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Save the Ta-Tas!

At the age of 19, I received a phone call from my mother who was crying. She was inconsolable.  She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I had been living in Wilmington for a year at the time, and my relationship with my mother had been rocky. I was a bratty...

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The Secret Goals to Finding Time to Exercise

The number one reason that most fitness programs and diets fail is quite simple.  We don’t carve out the time to do them.   As women, we try to fit these things into an already busy and hectic lifestyle.  While we have all the right intentions, our programs end up...

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This is where the MAGIC begins…INK IT!

Now that you have taken a week or so to decide what you want in your life, it is time to write your goals down; preferably in a notebook or journal but it will work just as well on a scratch piece of paper, post-it note, napkin…anything that is legible! This is the...

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Passion + Hard Work + Persistence = Success

When I was growing up, I had friends from all social classes. Nothing really mattered at that young age when it came to choosing friends except that we had common personal interests. If an interview was required in order to be selected as a potential friend, it would...

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What’s Your Why?

If your “WHY?” is not strong enough, you are less likely to persevere. Every goal you set, with conviction, has to have a strong “WHY?” in order for you to persevere and achieve it. Your goal needs to have compelling reason or “WHY?” to emotionally influence you – to...

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Manifestation Board for Your Dreams

Also known as Treasure Mapping, Vision Boards, Goal Boards etc…If you don’t have a cork board you can use poster board or a sketch book. Below is what Jayme Barrett from Feng Shui living had to say about Manifestation Boards. Attention involves focusing. You must...

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Have we forgotten the OTHER social network

Did you know that it is easier to accomplish your goals as a group when you factor in the accountability of sharing your intentions? Yes, that is correct. You have a higher percentage rate of reaching your goals when you share with friends in an informal gathering....

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Money on My Mind

I recently read an article in Money magazine on why saving money is so hard.  The article featured an interview with Sendhil Mullainathan, Professor of Economics at Harvard University.  Mullainathan explains that lack of saving comes from lack of attention --- what he...

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A Roadmap for a New Season of Life

In the last three years of my life, I have experienced more challenges, heartbreaks, and triumphs, than in the previous 37 years. Coincidence? I think not. Could it be that I’m older and wiser and paying more attention to the blessings in my life? That may be a small...

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The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking Day is a time set aside each year to concentrate on all things positive. An American entrepreneur started this day in 2003 so that people could commemorate the many rewards that can be found in thinking positively. I still remember that Friday...

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