Darlene Whitehurst
Founder + CEO

Message from the Founder

We welcome you to the GoalFriends ® community!

Here you’ll find a community of amazing, passionate, like-minded women eager to connect, inspire, and empower and empower each other along your personal development journeys. You’ll also have the opportunity to nurture new friendships, take time for yourself, grow personally & professionally, while supporting and celebrating the successes of others.

I like to say that GoalFriends is “A Girl’s Night Out With a Purpose!” In a world where we’re all perpetually busy, GoalFriends gives us an opportunity to carve out quality time for ourselves and focus on bringing our biggest dreams to life. Within a GoalFriends group, every woman’s unique journey is supported and nurtured, and every member will find mentors, confidantes, and lifelong friends. It’s about women celebrating each other, learning from each other, and letting their authentic selves shine through.

I hope this program is instrumental in helping you discover your passions, realize your dreams, and live a more meaningful and purposeful life. May all your goals be realized—and all your dreams come true!

Dare to be “Goal-dacious” and give yourself permission to be great. You reap what you goal!

– Darlene Whitehurst

“My vision was to develop a simple, inexpensive, self-development program that helps women get clear about who they are and what they want in life.”

Darlene Whitehurst

Our Story

Women will come together to support almost any cause. But who is supporting them?

This is the epiphany GoalFriends® founder Darlene Whitehurst had while participating in a women’s group back in 2009. She knew so many motivated, passionate women who dedicated their time and energy to helping others. But it didn’t seem like anyone was really helping them achieve their own personal goals and dreams.

That made her ask the question: What if women directed their passion and energy to supporting each other – and gave each other the inspiration and encouragement they needed to achieve big goals, accelerate their personal growth, and create lives of greater joy and purpose?

That’s how GoalFriends was born!

“GoalFriends is about bringing real women with real lives, who have real challenges and triumphs, together for a common goal: to realize their dreams.”

Darlene Whitehurst

As the owner of a successful branding agency (Adsource Media, Inc), Darlene has always been an avid “goal setting enthusiast.” She knew the value of setting and achieving big goals and wanted to help others do the same. She made it her mission to create a simple yet powerful monthly meeting program that uses inspiration, goal setting, personal development, and group discussion to help women dream big and make their goals a reality.

The first-ever GoalFriends group was launched in St. Louis, Missouri in 2010, and is still thriving today. From the beginning, the GoalFriends process has been entirely collaborative – even to the point of choosing the name “GoalFriends!” Darlene has continued to develop and refine the program content based on group feedback to ensure the discussions and activities do a great job of engaging members and inspiring them to achieve their goals.

Since the beginning, the GoalFriends experience has spread largely through word of mouth, as members rave about their groups to their friends, who are then inspired to start groups of their own.

We now have GoalFriends groups on all 7 continents.

Our goal is to launch groups in 196 countries around the world so that women everywhere can support each other to dream bigger, achieve more, and live their best selves.

“GoalFriends gives all women a safe space to come together, be authentic, learn, grow and mentor each other.”

Darlene Whitehurst


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