What is GoalFriends?

A confidence movement worth joining!

Goalfriends is a growing community of passionate, motivated women banding together to give each other the inspiration and encouragement they need to make their dreams a reality.

It’s About Connecting.

Women love to connect. That’s why we have BFF’s. GoalFriends is a community designed for women to gather monthly to share their dreams & goals and inspire and mentor each other on their personal journeys. Connect with the power of GoalFriends!

It’s About Support.

The support network of GoalFriends is key! Did you know that the chances of accomplishing your dreams and goals increase exponentially when shared with friends? This is the power of support and accountability. Through the process of monthly goal-setting and topic discussion exercises, you’ll be able to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible. Connect and embrace the idea of achieving more.


It’s About Collaboration.

Your social network is equal to your net worth. GoalFriends are rich in friendship, collaboration, purpose and inspiration. Align with like-minded people that share the same desire to grow and evolve.

Personal Growth Journey

It’s About Your Personal Growth Journey.

Personal growth and purpose are our goal. GoalFriends is a safe space to take time for yourself and get clear. Every woman’s unique journey is supported and nourished…so you can become your best self. It’s about the transformational journey you experience while achieving your dreams and goals.

Girlfriends + Growth Friends = GoalFriends!

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